Hello. The alleged surveillance of members of the Joint Investigation Team JIT by the government controlled Intelligence Bureau IB was called into question on Monday when the Supreme Court sought Attorney General AG Ashtar Ausaf Ali’s assistance in determining what legal backing the bureau has to become private sleuths. Not satisfied with the IB’s reply in response to the allegations levelled against it by the JIT, the three judge Supreme Court implementation bench headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan was critical of the agency’s role in hacking the Facebook account of a JIT member, loitering around his residence and accessing the National Database and Registration Authority Nadra system to collect his personal data becoming private investigators instead of working for the state of Pakistan. Hundreds of fans stayed up late to welcome home members of the national cricket team returning after their historic win against arch rivals India at London's Oval Ground. Crowds had gathered at airports in Karachi and Lahore early Tuesday morning, eagerly awaiting the return of the champions. stay tuned to our website for more news. Many Thanks.

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