The government is seeking a joint mechanism with India

The government is seeking a joint mechanism with India and Afghanistan for joint watershed management and trans boundary aquifer sharing to minimise the negative impact of development projects of neighbours. This will help alleviate water shortage in all 3 countries respectively.
Division appears to have crept into the Supreme Court Bar Association SCBA. A majority of the 22 member SCBA will respond to the call of the Pakistan Bar Council PBC by attending the May 5 representatives convention of lawyers but rest of the association members, including its President Rasheed A Razvi and Secretary Aftab Bajwa have called their own conference on May 20.
A number of fuel stations are selling petrol and diesel adulterated with cheap kerosene. Unaware motorists are paying full prices for these substandard fuels which could damage engines of their vehicles.
The Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf PTI has challenged the ban imposed by the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP on party heads and lawmakers to run campaigns for by elections.
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