Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who arrived here on Sunday on a two-day visit, has said that India and Pakistan need to build bridges, strengthen dialogue between different stakeholders to resolve the Kashmir dispute.
A meeting of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz PML-N bigwigs was held on Sunday, ostensibly to chart out a course of action following the military’s reaction to the PM’s directives, issued in the light of the report of an inquiry into a story published in Dawn last year.
Saudi Arabia’s security forces said on Sunday they had arrested 46 people for their suspected link to a terrorist cell responsible for a stunning attack outside Masjid i Nabwi, in Madina, last year.
The United States should condition its military aid to Pakistan to force Islamabad to rethink its alleged support to the Afghan insurgency, says a report released by the International Crisis Group ICG on Sunday.
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