Hello. Moving away from the meeting's agenda, members of the opposition present during a session of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs on Friday questioned why the government had remained silent regarding the visit of Indian business tycoon Sajjan Jindal. A dual seat variant of the JF 17 Thunder fighter jet co developed by the Pakistan Air Force PAF and China took its maiden test flight in Chengdu on Friday, the PAF said in a press release. A medical student was killed when a Metro bus she was travelling on ran her over in Rawalpindi Friday, police said. Sameera, a 19 year old student of the Shifa College of Medicine, was travelling to Islamabad when the driver pulled the emergency brakes near the Rehmanabad bus station, apparently due to ongoing construction work in the area. Due to the impact, the bus hit a pole and the door of the metro bus flung open, throwing Sameera out of the vehicle and onto the road. The student then was run over by the same bus, eyewitnesses and police said. She died on the spot. Stay tuned to PAKNEWSSPOT.com The Team

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