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Hello, Mr Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said the verdict in the Panama Papers case was mere eyewash and a joke played with the nation. How could the JIT decide the matter if the Sup­reme Court had failed to do so, he asked. Nawaz Sharif was not interested in running the country, Mr Zardari said, adding that he the prime minister spent public tax money on himself while bu­reaucrats ran the government. The PPP would expose the manipulation of previous elections by sweeping the upcoming general elections next year. There were reports in the daily Nawa e Waqt that Nawaz Sharif had access to the court result beforehand. A police guard murdered the 27 year old son of deputy inspector general DIG of Peshawar police at their residence in Karachi's Defence Housing Authority DHA early Saturday. An Indian government minister in the Kashmir state said bullets were the only way to deal with angry civilians. But a group of concerned citizens warned of devastating consequences for India’s legitimacy in the disputed Himalayan region if bloodshed didn’t abate. stay tuned to our news feeds for further updates. The Team.

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