Panama Papers verdict due

Hello and welcome back to another exciting day in news. Panama Papers has caused a lot of anxiety in the general populace and it is the only topic being discussed by the talk show hosts and news channels. Premier Nawaz Sharif has gone over for the opening ceremony of another mega power project whilst the whole country basks and bakes in a glorious heat wave without electricity as the shortfall in demand and supply reaches to 7000 megawatts. Sarcastically speaking Nawaz Sharif expects a tough judgement tomorrow as he has banners appearing in Lahore in his support saying that the party workers will spill their blood for the Prime Minister who certainly seems to have been cornered. Imran Khan has called all his central party leaders to Islamabad. The government has said that terrorism has cost Pakistan 6.3 Billion Rs in terrorism alone. The COAS General Bajwa has signed the death warrants of 30 hardcore terrorists. A lot of people will be having sleepless nights in anticipation of tomorrows verdict. Stay tuned and speak to you tomorrow. The Team.

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