blog 9

Hello Welcome back to our daily blog. The sargodha pedophilia and child video recording dealt a major blow after the parents of the abused stopped to cooperate with police and other investigating agencies saying its a very shameful thing to talk about. Some of the senators have called for change in the blasphemy laws so that mobs stop taking laws into their own hands and kill innocents like Mashal Khan. The Pak Army retired col who went missing in Nepal seems more and more an abducting by RAW as evidence suggests he was lured to Nepal in prospects of a decent job. All the IP addresses for his communications and the people whom he spoke to have Indian origins. The Naureen suicide bombing saga keeps on expanding and new dimensions to her confessions keep surfacing. Most Western leaders will be skipping the New Silk Road summit to be held in China. CPEC greatly benefits Pakistan and is an integral part of this project. The US has asked Pakistan to fight all terrorist groups regardless of their affiliation. Imran Khan says he has asked COAS to ensure transparency of the 2018 elections otherwise he would not accept any farcical attempt like 2013 elections. This was a brief roundup of today's news stories,please stay tuned to our website for further in depth courage. Many thanks The Team.

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