blog 8

Hello friends. Welcome back to our daily blog on news and talk shows for Pakistan. The biggest news of the week was announced by Pakistan army that for TTP Taliban Pakistan spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan has handed him over to police and this is the hottest breaking news story so far. Mashal Khan and the injustice done to him is also making rounds on most talk shows whilst one of the students gave an interview saying that he was forced by some students to testify against Mashal Khan. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the expected decision on Panama papers whilst the holding of Ex President Asif Ali Zardaris close associates by unknown elements is raising plenty of conspiracy theories. The story about the ISIS supporter medical student who fled to Syria with a man who radicalized her on social media and came back to Lahore to blow herself up on Easter Sunday has been getting a lot of coverage. The Prime Minister has issued a statement that its our obligation to defend the minorities in our country. For complete analysis and detailed news stay tuned to PAKNEWSSPOT.COM. Many thanks The Team

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